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Best New Brewer of 2015 in Alaska!

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In more recent news, Resolution Brewing was honored as the best new brewer of 2015 in Alaska by RateBeer, the largest beer-rating website. We at Pandoros are ecstatic to hear about this accolade.  It felt like only yesterday that Resolution Brewery opened its doors in Mountain View and with numerous new micro-breweries popping up across the last frontier, we’re glad to see they’re really leaving a great impression.  A big congrats to Brandon Hall, Cole Tamblyn and the rest of the RBC gang!




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Singapore and Vietnam – Best countries to invest in

It can’t get better when Singapore and Vietnam are ranked the best countries to invest in according to a U.S.News article. In the “Best countries to invest in” ranking poll, Singapore is ranked #2 and Vietnam #3.  These are two of the countries we are going invest in during 2016 and we are very excited.

Not mentioning the article, these two bustling countries impressed me deeply when I first visited. While Singapore amazed me with its safety, cleanliness, efficiency, vibrant lifestyle, and it’s bustling shipping industry.  Vietnam caught my heart with hospitable people, affordability and breath-taking landscapes.  I must say the two are really splendid as paradises of food and places where diverse cultures meet.  Their population structures are appealing with young and dynamic people. They both have the advantage of being tech-ready countries; their citizens are well-updated with the latest technology.  Singapore and Vietnam are two popular emerging startup hubs, I believe the energy and passion there will keep building and the startup scene will continue to grow.

At the end of 2015, ASEAN Community (AC), including Singapore and Vietnam, was established. ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), which is one of three pillars of AC, will allow the free flow of goods, services, investments, skilled labor, and the freer movement of capital across the region.  ASEAN seems to be a promising emerging market for investors all over the world. Besides that, both countries are members of TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement). I am looking forward to the day when this agreement comes into effect.  This will hopefully bring many opportunities for ventures in Asia.







Modern city - Singapore

Modern city – Singapore

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First Visit to Vietnam

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I recently was offered the opportunity to celebrate New Years in Vietnam with one of my best friends, being the person I am I went. I found it to be one of the more interesting and exciting places I have been in a while.  On a personal level, the environment was great, lots of things to do, cheap and good food, and the party scene was great too.  Above all, from a business perspective the country was just plainly exciting. Everything is moving so fast, cool interesting cafes, pop up food events, creative art, cool tech companies, and so much more.

I was lucky enough to get invited to the Innovators’ Gala in Saigon where I was able to meet a lot of interesting people in the tech industry there.  You can tell Vietnam is changing rapidly and it will continue to be a larger player in the Asian market.  We will be keeping close on Vietnam in the near future and look to invest there before the end of 2016.


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Boise for Sam’s Locker Room and everything in between


This past weekend, yours truly had the pleasure to witness how a pawn shop in Boise, Idaho operates. Having spent two whole days with Samuel Reading of Sam’s Locker, I got to understand what makes a pawn shop successful and was able to see past the misconceptions.

Immediately after landing in Boise Airport, Sam texted to see if I could join in on an auction.  Specifically, this was an estate sale for a World War 2 veteran that had recently past away.  If you’ve always wondered what’s shown on TV is reflected on the real world, the answer is yes.  The auctioneers of Downs Auctions spoke fast and participants were all quick draws on the bids.  Following Sam around, I saw his tactic was to focus on hard goods such as tools, accessories and items that can be converted to raw material.  Meanwhile his business partner, Jason, focused on guns, accessories and parts.  In a matter of minutes, I’ve discovered how big of a deal firearms for collecting and recreation are for Boise denizens.

The latter part of Friday was spent observing pawn transactions take place at Sam’s Locker.  I must say, being situated between a bail bonding agency, furniture shop and the Boise Aquarium, the foot traffic of prospects, customers and passerby’s is quite impressive.  Much like Resolution Brewing’s random drop-in’s, Sam’s Locker sees and warmly greets a handful of random stragglers and newfound repeat customers.  At nearly two months old, I’d say Sam has picked the right location for his pawn shop.  And it certainly helps that the team is keen on procuring hard goods that potential customers may want to pawn, buy or sell.  On the technical side, Sam gave me a crash course on how to assess jewelry.  I must say the point of sales system is so robust that you almost never have to leave the user interface (e.g. google an item) to access value.

A bulk of Saturday was spent brainstorming on how to refine the current daily operations and what channels of cross-promotion can yield the best return on investment  That said, yours truly had a few penny’s worth of thoughts to share.  I’m anticipating a call or text from Sam in a few weeks to see if shared light bulb ideas have left a positive impact on the company.  To get a good understanding on how the Boise pawn scene is like, Sam also took me to a competitor pawn shop.  Having shadowed Sam around for the weekend, I think it’s safe to say Pandoros is pleased to have invested in Sam’s Locker Room and will continue to support Sam in any way possible.  We look forward to Sam’s endeavors to add title loans as an additional service.

As a side note, I left intrigued at the type of items people will bring into pawn or are willing to purchase at a pawnshop.  Up until recently, I didn’t think a 1972 Glastron boat would something you’d bring into a pawn shop.  Having witnessed one brought in exchange for a loan, I guess that answered my question.

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Resolution Brewery Opening March 13th, 2015!

Resolution Brewery has set the grand opening for March 13th!  All of us here at Pandoros are super excited and with the recent media coverage on television and in the Anchorage Blogosphere. Below you can see the recently setup swag shelf  as well as an image from the brewery room itself.  The following is a collection of the blog articles and the television feature from last night.  It is exciting news for the entire team and congratulations to Brandon, Chris, and Luke who have been working hard on this for a long time!




TV Coverage


Blog Posts