Resolution Brewery

In 2015, we ran into Brandon at Resolution Brewery and decided that the opportunity to invest was too good to pass up. Opened in early 2015 in Anchorage, Alaska,  Resolution Brewery was one of our most exciting projects in 2015.

“Research for this brewery began in the summer of 2012. The Founder Brandon Hall met with successful brewers in Denver Colorado, The UK, Belgium, and Germany, as well as Anchorage. Jim Koch from Boston Beer Company (AKA Sam Adams), Kevin Delang of Dry Dock Brewing Company in Aurora Colorado, Dana Walukiewicz of King Street Brewing Company, as well as Stephen Gerteisen of Arkos Brewing Company in Palmer AK. Even though Mr. Hall has been a home brewer since 1998, he went to Europe to research, explore, and seek to understand better how various styles of beer were brewed and what made them special. He traveled and met with owners of breweries in Alaska and Colorado to better understand more the robust American craft beer markets, and learn how best to execute the vision for Resolution Brewing Company. Without the input of the great people listed above, this project would not exist.”


Sam’s Locker

Our following endeavour was Sam’s Locker based in Boise, Idaho. Serving the Boise Alley, Sam’s Locker is a pawn shop focused on consignments, trade and sales of hard goods as well as pawn loans. So on top of real estate, a micro-brewery in Anchorage, our portfolio has also expanded to include a pawn shop.


Horangi Cyber Security

Pandoros recently diversified its basket by investing in a Singapore based cybersecurity firm. The name, Horangi, stands for Tiger in the Korean language. In Asian culture, it is believed the tiger is a protector of people and its village. The company roster is equipped with seasoned cybersecurity subject matter experts. Therefore with a powerful image and motto of “There is no off button on a tiger”, we firmly believe Horangi is an incredible addition to the portfolio. We’re looking forward to Horangi’s guardianship towards its Asian clients for the remainder of 2016 and beyond.