Resolution Brewery Opening March 13th, 2015!

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Resolution Brewery Opening March 13th, 2015!

Resolution Brewery has set the grand opening for March 13th!  All of us here at Pandoros are super excited and with the recent media coverage on television and in the Anchorage Blogosphere. Below you can see the recently setup swag shelf  as well as an image from the brewery room itself.  The following is a collection of the blog articles and the television feature from last night.  It is exciting news for the entire team and congratulations to Brandon, Chris, and Luke who have been working hard on this for a long time!




TV Coverage

Blog Posts

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Pandoros went Alaskan-Bound


On top of real estate investments, Pandoros also has worn the venture capitalist hat.  Most recently, yours truly had the honor of trekking to Anchorage, Alaska to visit Resolution Brewing Company.

Founded by Brandon Hall, Christopher Castaneda and Luke Bowen, the three like minded cohorts are passionate craft beer otakus.  This passion paired with Luke’s insight, Chris’s logistics background, Brandon’s vision and technical know-how translates into a triumvirate that is out to make its dent in the Alaskan micro-brewery scene.

Since Luke lives in Boston, I only had a chance to interface with Brandon and Chris this past weekend.  Picked their brains a bit on the brewing process, offered some tips on better lighting for future marketing photos, showed them progress on the WordPress site Paul has been working on and overall got to observe pre-grand opening daily operations.  In return, I was given a crash course on what goes on during a beer guild meet, taken around town with frequent visits to the local brewing supply store and attended an Alaskan Beer week event.

It’s been a very beer-centric four days and its definitely exciting to see random strangers knock on the retail space asking “How soon will you guys be ready to serve?”  “Can I buy that hoodie you’re wearing and do they come in different colors?” is also another question that came up from passerbys.

Nearing the finish line of opening its doors, Resolution Brewing Company will be serving Belgo-American brews to friends, family and all that love craft beer at its taproom in the near future.  This weekend, the gents will be hosting a mini brewery tour as well as open up flood gate for apparel and accessories sales.  Additionally, they will launch their growler-centric “Uprise” campaign.  Until the next major update, have a look at some of the photos taken this past weekend.  The rest can be seen in our Facebook page.

Side note: the Pho at Phonatik can take on any Pho establishment in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.

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